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    The team at RG Group are enthusiastic, talented and committed to every facet of your real estate needs.
    RG Gruop understand real estate does not just involve property but other factors such as but limited to appropriate financing options and buying

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    The Team at RG Group understand each potential purchaser has unique motivations and reasons to purchase a particular property.
    We pride ourselves in understanding your needs and make a commitment to only needs based selling.

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    RG Grpup understand the sales process and can provide you with the appropriate Strategies, Sales Plan and Marketing Approach to ensure the best possible Sale Price is achieved.

Graeme Holm

Graeme Holm

Director / Licensee In Charge

Graeme has been working within the Finance & Real Estate sector for an excess of 12 years, having spent most of his career in various Management roles within one of the big 4 banks. It was here he realized that the products he was pushing were not necessarily the best product for the client. He found that every client had different financial needs, yet he could only provide 2-3 products that were designed to assist all clients. Graeme’s desire to show Australian families how to reduce debt and create cash flow has seen the Infinity Group experience unprecedented growth of late. With a high level of knowledge in relation to multiple facets of the Finance, Real Estate and Financial Planning sector, having
worked in all ofthese fields, Graeme encompasses a base knowledge well beyond the average broker, real estate agent or financial planner. Graeme holds a Diploma in Financial Services (Mortgage Broking) as well as full Corporate and
Individual Real Estate licenses and is currently undertaking a Master of Real Estate post graduate degree.

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